Works of Mercy

Sis. Mary Jude responds to community needs

Dear Ed and Murphy,

Greetings from St. Louis.  I hope both of you are doing well.

I got your wonderful newsletter and, as always, was inspired by all the articles.

When I looked at the things on your needs listings, I thought that I had several of those things right here in my room. We live in one room, not an apartment, and everything I need and love is here including a wonderful view from my west window to watch sunsets, a bed and toilet (some things your people do not have) clothes in my closet. I also have things like a long nail file, heavy toe clippers, 2 t-shirts and other things I could easily do without.  We also have a little convenience store on the basement level where we can buy tooth paste, soap, etc. at good prices. I’m ordering some insoles and cough drops to include. I like these cough drops for they are Halls brand and vitamin C enriched.

So I’m fixing up a box to send to you.  Also I found a pair of heavy walking shoes — not new but well taken care of and ready for use that are coming too.  Is there a “best way” to mail?  Like regular post office or another carrier that is responsible but cheaper?

It’s been fun to look around and find things I could go without and maybe help my favorite people at Open Door.

Love and prayers,
Mary Jude, OSU

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