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The Cry of the Poor: Cracking White Male Supremacy—An Incendiary and Militant Proposal

by Eduard Loring, 2010
with a foreword by Nibs Stroupe
and an afterword by Melvin E. Jones

“The genius of Loring’s book is that it demonstrates the destructive lusts of greed and power that rage like a wildfire burning out of control, destroying everything in their path. Loring is crying for change — from the new world order to a new, inclusive social order with equality and justice for all.” — Marcus Wellons, #314289, Georgia Death Row

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Festival of Shelters

The Festival of Shelters: A Celebration for Love and Justice

by Eduard Loring with Heather Bargeron
preface by Dick Rustay, 2008

This Open Door publication describes the recovery and re-imagination of the ancient Jewish festival of Sukkoth, the Festival of Shelters, by members of the Open Door Community for the past two decades. The book documents and advocates a public practice of this liturgy in the context of homelessness to remind us of God’s good news of liberation and God’s call to compassion and justice.

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Sharing the Bread of Life: Hospitality and Resistance at the Open Door Community

by Peter R. Gathje, 2006

This revised and updated history of the Open Door was published in honor of the community’s 25th anniversary. Drawing from the experiences, reflections, and writings of community members, Pete Gathje provides a portrait of the life and work of the Open Door and weaves together its various aspects including hospitality with the poor, communal life, faith and worship practice, and street activism.

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A Work of Hospitality: The Open Door Reader

A Work of Hospitality: The Open Door Reader 1982-2002

Edited by Peter Gathje, 2002

This is a 20th-anniversary collection of writings from Hospitality, the community newspaper. It includes more than 100 essays from 20 years of publication, covering homelessness, work with prisoners, sacraments, the community’s saints and martyrs, and the theology of hospitality-the theme that plays through all 384 pages.

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I Hear Hope Banging at My Back Door

I Hear Hope Banging at My Back Door, Writings from Hospitality

By Eduard Loring, 2000

A collection of writings by Eduard Loring, co-founder and partner of the Open Door Community, on the causes, experience, and consequences of homelessness from the vantage point of a community that plants itself close to the streets.

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Christ Comes in the Strangers Guise

Christ Comes in the Stranger’s Guise: A History of the Open Door Community

by Peter Gathje, 1991

This original history of the Open Door highlights the beginnings and early years in the life of the community. Writing from his experience as a volunteer with the Open Door for three years, Pete Gathje gives a sense of the people and places that have built and shaped the Open Door.

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Frances Pauley

Frances Pauley: Stories of Struggle and Triumph

compiled and edited by Murphy Davis, 1996

Frances Pauley (1905- 2003) was a tireless activist for racial and economic justice in the South and an important teacher and mentor for the Open Door from its inception. This compilation of stories as told by Frances captures her gifts as a storyteller and her wisdom and tenacity as faithful witness for hope and human dignity.

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raising-our-voicesRaising Our Voices, Breaking the Chain:
The Imperial Hotel Occupation and Prophetic Politics

By Terry Easton, 2016

This Open Door publication tells the dramatic story of how, in June 1990, a one-day action to bring attention to rising homelessness and lack of affordable housing in Atlanta transformed into a sixteen-day occupation of the abandoned Imperial Hotel. Over 300 homeless people and their advocates, especially People for Urban Justice (PUJ), the political arm of the Open Door, were vital to the action. Raising Our Voices, Breaking the Chain also reveals how the occupation spurred affordable housing development in Atlanta.

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Articles and online resources

Articles by Eduard Loring printed in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Feed city’s homeless, don’t condemn them,” August 7, 2003

To help homeless, begin with housing,” June 9, 2003

Beauty on the Street,” photographs and text by Clive Bonner, Resident Volunteer, Summer 2002. Available only online!

The Open Door Bibliography,” writings fundamental to our life and work.

Signposts: Life and Work at the Open Door Community

Fruit That Will Last,” a sermon by Kristen Bargeron Grant, a former Resident Volunteer at the Open Door Community

Paul: On Saying Yes and Saying No,” a sermon by Peter Gathje, Professor of Theology at Memphis Theological Seminary, Memphis, Tennessee