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Feed Them All

One twilight last summer, a hungry black bear came into our yard at Dayspringfarm. She has been comin’ round the mountain now for several years. Our bear loves sunflower seeds. Around our bird feeders she dances like a 100-pound goldfinch. She has smashed beyond use several of our hospitality locations for God’s birds. Dick Rustay […]

What’s Rotten in Savannah The Ancestors of the Killers of Troy Davis

Prologue Hello, I am TroyDavis. You killed me on September 21, 2011. You wanted to kill me at 7 p.m., but it was 11:08 before your Georgia venom took me down. Now I walk your streets with the poor and homeless and haunt your gated “communities” while you drink too much wine and gorge yourselves […]

Letter from Mary Catherine Johnson re: Troy Davis

Dear Ed, Thank you for your wonderful, loving note. Wednesday was a great evening with you, too – thank you for being my teacher and showing me by example. I especially loved watching you make showers possible for people who really needed them, and facilitating the letters to Troy Davis. One of the most meaningful […]

Homeless Take Over Imperial Hotel remembered on WABE

Listen here: <span class=”altText”><a target=”_blank” href=”/wabe/news.mediaplayer?STATION_NAME=wabe&MEDIA_ID=975804&MEDIA_EXTENSION=mp3&MODULE=news&ext=.mp3″><IMG SRC=’/national/newsroom/images/listen2.gif’ border=0 alt=’Listen Now’><IMG SRC=’/national/newsroom/images/mp32.gif’ BORDER=0></a></span> or at WABE’s site: http://www.publicbroadcasting.net/wabe/news.newsmain/article/0/1/1810763/Atlanta./Homeless.Take.Over.Downtown.Hotel.(‘This.Day.in.History’-1990

Part 2 of Murphy and Eduard’s interview on jesusradicals.com

It can be found here: jesusradicals.com. Or you can listen to it here:

The Cry of the Poor: New book from ODC Press

The ODC Press celebrates the release of its latest book: The Cry of the Poor: Cracking White Male Supremacy—An Incendiary and Militant Proposal, by Eduard Loring. The Cry of the Poor: Cracking White Male Supremacy—An Incendiary and Militant Proposal by Eduard Loring with a foreword by Nibs Stroupe and an afterword by Melvin E. Jones […]