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Letter from Mary Catherine Johnson re: Troy Davis

Dear Ed, Thank you for your wonderful, loving note. Wednesday was a great evening with you, too – thank you for being my teacher and showing me by example. I especially loved watching you make showers possible for people who really needed them, and facilitating the letters to Troy Davis. One of the most meaningful […]

Troy Davis on Death Watch

Troy Davis is on a deathwatch from September 21-September 28, 2011. Please contact Georgians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty for information on how you can help. (404) 250-3540 http://www.gfadp.org/

Part 2 of Murphy and Eduard’s interview on jesusradicals.com

It can be found here: jesusradicals.com. Or you can listen to it here:

We remember Curtis Osborne

Curtis Osborne was executed by the State of Georgia on June 4, 2008. View this film documenting the racism of Curtis’ public defender, who did not tell Curtis that the prosecution had offered a life sentence if Curtis would plead guilty. This film was presented to the Georgia Board of Pardons and Parole in an […]