Testimony from the ODC:

Part 2 of Murphy and Eduard’s interview on jesusradicals.com

It can be found here: jesusradicals.com. Or you can listen to it here:

Sis. Mary Jude responds to community needs

Dear Ed and Murphy, Greetings from St. Louis.  I hope both of you are doing well. I got your wonderful newsletter and, as always, was inspired by all the articles. When I looked at the things on your needs listings, I thought that I had several of those things right here in my room. We […]

We remember Curtis Osborne

Curtis Osborne was executed by the State of Georgia on June 4, 2008. View this film documenting the racism of Curtis’ public defender, who did not tell Curtis that the prosecution had offered a life sentence if Curtis would plead guilty. This film was presented to the Georgia Board of Pardons and Parole in an […]